Uncategorized February 21, 2023

Big Foot Sights and Blind Termites With Bing Corpier

Do you have questions about termite infestations and their impact on homes? In this episode, we sit down with professional termite inspector Bing Corpier ,to discuss everything you need to know about termite control and prevention.

Our expert guest has extensive experience in the field of termite inspections and will share their knowledge on the latest treatment and inspection methods. We’ll discuss the signs of termite infestations, the damage termites can cause, and how to effectively protect your home or building against these pests.

But that’s not all – we’ll also have some fun and ask the inspector about their thoughts on Bigfoot sightings and the existence of the creature. While the inspector is not a Bigfoot enthusiast, we’ll explore their take on the topic and any interesting stories they may have encountered while inspecting buildings in remote or wooded areas.

So, whether you’re a homeowner, a real estate professional, or just someone who’s curious about termites and Bigfoot, this episode is sure to be informative and entertaining. Don’t miss it!